Süleyman Seba Anısına

Project Details:

Our video production honouring the memorial of Süleyman Seba. Below is a part of the interview with Beşiktaş Magazine after the publication of the video.

“Graffiti is an art which adds depth and shape where it stands, but i prefer it to be on the streets. Graffiti has a soul and charisma regarding the street, so I wouldn’t like to see it exhibited in galleries and be a meta for the popular culture.”

“The job was done around 4 am. The delight and satisfaction we had when we first watched it can not be described. Efforts of the team has major importance in achieving a visual and audial integrity and soul.”

… everyone believe!”

Our video production for Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club, regarding the graffities done to the inner walls of Vodafone arena, is now in editing stage. Soon it will be shared, keep your eye on us!

  • Director: Burak Uygun
  • DoP: Egemen Karadağ
  • Video Edit: Mehmet Rodi Arslan
  • Music and Sound Design: Uğur Akagündüz & Bulut Yıldırım
  • Tasks: Production, Directing, Scenario, Editing, Music Production, Sound Design